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Our mission: "to keep the internet diverse"

The internet is a wonderful place, reflecting the full breadth of human interest and knowledge. We want to help keep it that way by supporting high quality publishers in their ability to monetize their efforts fairly. With ever more middlemen taking revenue from publishers, and making the process of monetization unnecessarily complex, it is getting increasingly difficult to turn good content into money. PubStream is an ‘invitation only’ platform model, bringing together vetted publishers, revenue providers, technologies and experts in monetization under one roof. This allows small and medium sized publishers to gain the same benefits that larger players get from their ecosystem.

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All your data in one place

Unify is the core unit of PubStream. It allows you to bring together all your revenue data in one place and get actionable analytics insights across all channels. From here you can monitor and control your revenue performance in a granular fashion and perform easy tests on new sources and AdPositions.



Direct access to top SSPs

Connect gives you access to top revenue sources without incurring any losses through intransparent revenue shares. Our mission is to help publishers get more of each advertising $ and cutting out revenue shares is a great way to do that.



Qualified help from experts

Sense is our agency in a box service. It gives you access to qualified account managers in a way that is usually only reserved for large publishers. We are here to help you simplify the increasingly complex world of online revenue generation and focus on the things that are effective for your specific case.

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